Our global environment is declining. Working together as One World Generation we can create Earth saving solutions for future generations

Our Mission

How many generations have come before us? How many will come after? Are we the last generation with a chance to reverse the global destruction that threatens the future of mankind? Are we approaching a point of not return?

Humans have changed the delicate balance of life on Earth. Under our domination, species have become extinct; soil, water and air have deteriorated and become contaminated at an alarming rate. Most mature, evolved animals know not to spoil their home environment. Are we less evolved than the dog, cat or bear that does not contaminate its home?

The Earth is our home. To create a healthy, thriving global environment, people in all walks of life need to learn what mankind has done to Earth and its inhabitants. Simple changes in our personal lives could help ensure our future existence.

As One World Generation, we CAN work together to create positive global transformations. Violent acts against nature cannot be allowed. We need to stand together and support political change by electing candidates who genuinely care about the environment. Let this generation be civilization’s finest moment in time, not its last. . . .