Local Campaigns

Eco-clubs: Being a part of Eco-clubs is a great way to work towards achieving a greener planet. Eco-friendly knowledge could be imparted right from schools to educating local communities and other groups.

Creating Green Community: Planting trees, avoiding plastics, using eco-friendly products, etc are simple steps to create a strong green community.

Tree Planting: Planting a tree has infinite benefits to you and the community. Trees help fight global warming by absorbing bad carbon dioxide and releasing good oxygen. So plant a tree NOW and reap its benefits!

Comprehensive Recycling Plan: Recycling plans are a necessity rather than an option. Simple recycle plans could start at home like • reducing the use of plastic containers and bags • using eco-friendly bags to grocery shop Take part in community recycling activities and help maintain a clean and green environment.

Air Quality: Clean air is vital to healthier living and maintaining a pristine environment. Poor air quality can adversely affect the health conditions. So help REDUCE AIR POLLUTION and save the earth from destruction!